Wellness, wellbeing, happiness – whatever word guides you, start your journey by looking for answers within you and not from external people, places, or things. Here are some handouts for reflection and sharing with others. Feedback welcome.

Self Care

Handout: Self-Care Mandala

How balanced do you live your life? How present and in the moment are you so that you can see more options and make good choices? How hard do you have to work to relax or find peace? Review this handout showing the 8 parts of your self that you should care for each day. When you balance these parts for yourself, you are a more whole person and have the potential to live your best life.


Handout: Satir Interaction Model

Ever find yourself getting triggered in certain situations or conversations and responding in ways that you regret? This model can help you slow things down to understand the steps of what’s happening within you (or someone else) so that you can pause and ask different questions – to yourself or others. Beware of acting on filtered information! Be curious instead and see where that takes you.